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I still love this game!

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I love the set up here and I think you're on to something amazing!

Here is what my ear wants to hear:


More Dynamic changes to the volume

But this sticks together so well already, it sounds like victory to me! I really love the sounds you use in the reintroduction at around 1:20

Honestly I love this a lot and I think with more composition this could be insanely fresh, maybe it's part of the mood I'm in right now but I just wanna vibe off what you got here so far.

Keep grinding!

Fresh take on what would be a more old school beat using modern time stretching, its got a good cut, and you bounce pretty well in it, you could tighten up your rhythms a tiny bit sometimes the flow and the cut would be out of sync i don't know if that's from postproduction or what though cuz you have a pretty cool flow I like how this is on two planes at once, its like the past and present both in your presentation and lyricism. I like it, its a fun one, and its also got something to say. Nice Work.

I'm always trepidation when I enter a cinematic score, so often they just do the bare minimum of evoking the tropes to serve a function but this really has a character. You have some really nice talent, this is really awesome. I want this in the next metal gear game! This is some really nice music the use of the synths really carry that melody and every note is on point, I can really get into the cut, and the tone without feeling like I'm being pulled and it phrases into the intro, awesome, it looped while I was writing this and I didn't even notice at first. I love the use of dynamics, it really builds up well the crescendo at about 50 seconds is probably one of the best part. It's always great to see passion like this.

I wish more cinematic composers put this level of care into their productions, this is better than a lot of AAA games and movies. This is real. Great stuff man. All of the stars.

Step responds:

Oh man, this review made my day! Really glad you like it, and that you're especially happy with the fact that its style is pretty unorthodox too. The Metal Gear comment particularly got to me since I am a huge fan of Metal Gear... maybe some of it even rubbed off on this track, who knows! I'm also relieved that you found the loop seamless, since I kind of suck at looping usually haha.

Thanks a million. Once again, glad you enjoyed it!

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