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Shattered Wish Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Loner Nerdcore Song
boxed room Hip Hop - Modern Loop
oh my Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Cryogenic Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Electric Playground Video Game Loop
I.C. Weiner Hip Hop - Modern Loop

2017 Submissions

Still Dreaming Video Game Loop
Shape of the Future Miscellaneous Loop
Total Assimilation Dance Loop
Kernel Error (Loop) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Love So Strong Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Hazardous Elements Video Game Loop
Let them in Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Knights of the Frozen Groan Nerdcore Loop
Look Who's Here (draft loop) Dance Loop
Trapurifico Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Astronomical Video Game Loop
Water Skates Video Game Loop
Daylight Always Changes Video Game Song
Trap Card Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Require Rekuiah Hip Hop - Modern Loop
The Pursuit (NGUAC 2017) Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Fox Loose Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Fox in the Hen Hound Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Armadillo's Advemtire Video Game Loop
Stop This Section Hip Hop - Modern Loop
You Can't Stop This Hip Hop - Modern Song
Enlightening Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Quick Shock Loop Dance Loop
Ride Into Tomorrow Video Game Song
The Nexus Hip Hop - Modern Loop
8bit Warm Up Video Game Loop
Future Shocked Dance Song
House of Ghosts Video Game Loop
Simple Geometry Funk Loop
Tread Lightly Video Game Loop
Another Time Video Game Loop
Back Up (Remix) [Distorted Reality] Hip Hop - Modern Song
Breathing Room Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Maniac Nerdcore Loop
Fuzzy Logic Drum N Bass Loop
Parks Closed Still Video Game Loop
Distorted Realities Hip Hop - Modern Loop
SubSpace Video Game Loop
Laid Back Resting Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Touch of Clarity Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Taste of the Lows Video Game Song
Knuckles Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
New York Free City Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Reklaim Your Voice Video Game Loop
80 Reasons to Restart Dance Loop
JSRF Video Game Loop
Feel Free Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Cell Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Biogenesis Video Game Loop
Keep On Grooving Video Game Loop
Under the Surface Video Game Loop
Mental Incursion Nerdcore Loop
Kirbesque Video Game Loop
Unintended Courses Video Game Loop
Expidite Video Game Loop
Saw You On The Dancefloor Dance Loop
Just One Step Further Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Explosm Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Canal Street Shakedown Video Game Loop
Crusher Hip Hop - Modern Loop
One Punch Video Game Loop
Gross Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Au Nerdcore Song
Rekuiah Video Game Loop
euphoria Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Don't Forget How We Tread Miscellaneous Loop
Pheonix Down'd Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Mind Spike Video Game Loop
Strays Video Game Loop
Familiar Islands Video Game Loop
Nothing Left Hip Hop - Modern Loop
oxygen Hip Hop - Modern Loop
wind Hip Hop - Modern Loop
story strings Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Dusty Trail Video Game Song
Black Jack Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Distinctive Insticts Video Game Loop

2015 Submissions

Slick C*nt (Rekuiem - Slick) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Slick Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Unlimited Video Game Song
Desolate Depths Video Game Loop
Fully Rested Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Satellite Cruising Video Game Loop
Halfway Home Video Game Loop
Player vs Player Video Game Loop
Carna Jazz Song
Telemarketing Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Bright Eyes; Brighter Lights Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Rising Hunger Video Game Loop
Escapism Techno Loop
Goblins Video Game Loop
Reksquisite Video Game Loop
Slave to Destruction Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Break Out Hip Hop - Modern Loop
It All Comes Back To You Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Wowzas Industrial Loop
Far Too Young Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Fresh Spirits Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Doubts Dance Loop
8-Bit Friendship Video Game Song
Freqs New Wave Loop
New Ports House Song
Try Harder Dance Song
Rekuiem of Mosiah Miscellaneous Song
Chasing Insanity Techno Song
Jtails Video Game Song
Return of Moz Miscellaneous Loop
All in Your Mind Experimental Song
The Journey Experimental Song
Simplistic Ballistics Video Game Loop
Take Flight Dance Song
The End? Drum N Bass Song
Vision's Hazy Dance Song
Reksdelight Video Game Loop
Quick Step Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Rewind Video Game Loop

2013 Submissions

Stay Tuned Drum N Bass Song
Rekslamation Video Game Loop
Up All Night To Make Money Dance Song
Fish Hooks Miscellaneous Song
You're Not Ready Blues Loop
Misty Waves R&B Song
One Foot Past The Yard Experimental Song
We Gave You Everything Techno Loop
Porcelain Universe Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Fourty in the Cut Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
On Deck Dance Loop
Slippin and Slidin Industrial Song
Moving High World Song
Blazing Phoenix Dance Loop
Meteor Showers R&B Song
Flyin' Funk Loop
Electronic Futurisms Dance Song
Illusions Dance Loop
This Is It! Video Game Loop
With What We Have Trance Loop
Ashy Carpets Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Luminescent Shadows Video Game Loop
Falling Up Ambient Song
Journey's End Video Game Loop
Groove Food Dance Loop
Hold My Head Under Classical Loop
I Say Hey So What Funk Loop
Heretical Mysticism Video Game Loop
The Return Dance Song
Floodlights Video Game Loop

2012 Submissions

And When It All Goes Down Dance Loop
Just Float on By Hip Hop - Modern Song
But I Just Do What I Do Pop Song
Commercial Interruption Pop Song
Ooh Yea Hip Hop - Modern Song
Round Up Video Game Loop
Always Lookin Back Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Shut Your Eyes House Song
Chill Pills Ambient Song
Funky Bytes Video Game Loop
Sunset Alleys Video Game Loop
The Abomination Miscellaneous Song
Uptown Heights Video Game Loop
Hydrophonics House Song
Parks Closed Video Game Loop
Memories Faded R&B Song
Misty Graves Video Game Song
Back and Forth Hip Hop - Modern Loop
I Need Money Classic Rock Song
Tropicana Video Game Loop
Starry Night Fight Video Game Loop
Sisiphyus Video Game Loop
Somberbytes Miscellaneous Song
Spacing Out Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Sketchin' Hip Hop - Modern Song
Glory Video Game Loop
Fllashfire Video Game Loop
The Void Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Second Look Hip Hop - Modern Song
Exhaustion Loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Hijinx Loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Frozen Peaks Ambient Song
P.W.F. Dance Song
Loop of Time Video Game Loop
Lava Beef (Reboot) Video Game Loop
Gluttony Video Game Loop
The Valley of Legends Video Game Song
Missing Pieces Hip Hop - Modern Song
Diminished Returns Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Power Shot Hip Hop - Modern Song
One Winged Trap Beat Hip Hop - Modern Song
Space Rain Forests Hip Hop - Modern Song
Stand Still (Loop) Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Stand Still Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Devil in the Machine Miscellaneous Song
Out of Sight ,Out of Mind Miscellaneous Song
Silence is Golden New Wave Loop
Lights Out, City! Video Game Loop
Challenges Video Game Loop
Ethereal Streets House Song
Boss Man Got Moves Video Game Loop
Perseverance Miscellaneous Song
Porcelain Mountains Video Game Loop
Empty Hallways Video Game Loop
Teaser Loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Sand Pit Graves Video Game Song
Clorox Hip Hop - Modern Song
Never Enough Hip Hop - Modern Song
Endless Descent Video Game Loop
Rekuiem Dance Loop
Tribulations - FFX Remix Video Game Song
Memories - Loop Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Silence - Loop Hip Hop - Modern Song
Clorox - Loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Insanity Wave Dance Song
Urban Arteries Video Game Song
Rekuiem [Planar Assault] Video Game Song
Scorched Lands Video Game Song
Lava Beef - instrumental Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Endless Spires Video Game Song
Victory Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Fierce Battle of the Mind Hip Hop - Modern Song
Always Be There - Loop Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Dirty 64 Bar Flow Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
As It All Turns Miscellaneous Loop
NightBreeze (Loop) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Twisting Corridors - OoT Remix Video Game Song
Perc-O-Set Hip Hop - Modern Song
Untitled Chiptune 1 Video Game Song
Buy More Stuff Miscellaneous Loop
Funky Electric Acid (WIP) Dance Song
Primordial Serpents Hip Hop - Modern Song
Get Down (Draft) Hip Hop - Olskool Song
O.M.E.G.A. Takeover Video Game Loop
[Momentum] Video Game Song
Advancing Forward Dance Song
The Astral Plane Video Game Song
-|Secret Society|- Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dining Out Miscellaneous Song
Drink Bleach - Rekuiem Miscellaneous Song
Hot Weather Advisory Video Game Song
Gameboy Dreams Trance Song
We See You Miscellaneous Song
Ice Cold - "Freeon" Video Game Song
Rabid World Dance Song
-Brotherhood- Dance Song
Orbital Waves Video Game Song
Feels Like Quicksand Video Game Song
TooFast(Invincible) Video Game Song
Moon Scraping Hip Hop - Modern Song
SkyHigh - Moon Scraping Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Howling at the Moon Version 2 Video Game Song
Howling at the Moon Dance Song
-Revelations- Miscellaneous Song
...Continue? Video Game Loop
Deep Space Mushrooms Techno Song
Sapphire Streets Video Game Song
No Retreat! Video Game Song
-Tread Lightly- Video Game Song
Mad as Hell Miscellaneous Song
Riccochet Hip Hop - Modern Song
Ethereal Dreams Miscellaneous Song
Nostalgia (Besaid) Video Game Song
A Fairy Out of Time Video Game Song
Stormy Daze (Draft) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Umaro Video Game Song
Breaking the Stratosphere V2 Video Game Song
Breaking the Stratosphere Miscellaneous Song
Stage One Untitled Video Game Song
Divine Interference Video Game Song
=[Where Are You]= Miscellaneous Song
Omega Vision Miscellaneous Song
It Comes in Waves V2 Miscellaneous Song
-Another Day- Hip Hop - Modern Song
Thanksgiving in Prison Hip Hop - Modern Song
Drink Bleach Miscellaneous Song
Winter Storm Advisory Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hole in My Record Hip Hop - Modern Song
It Comes in Waves Hip Hop - Modern Song
Goodnight and Good Luck Video Game Song
Ressurection Theme Trance Song